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  Line Editing/Copy Editing:  

$3.00 per page

Poetry: $1.00

 Developmental Editing

 $5.00 per page


.70 per page

Manuscr3ipt Formatting:

.50 per page  

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*Children's manuscript quotes given on individual basis

*Manuscripts must be double spaced

**$25 Minimum

“I’ve had the honor of working with Kaye on three books, and I’d recommend her highly to anyone in need of editing help.”

Chris Roberts—Author of Pirate’s Plunder, The Fishing Trip and Reprisal! The Eagle Rises

"When you're heart is poured out on the pages and you keep thinking of that small balance in your bank account. When the length of your project is undaunting to anyone you ask for a '2nd set of eyes' and you get a hard pass, because really - who has the time? This is when you turn to the divine providence of Kaye Lynne's service for editing and consultation. She has been there for me not once but twice to hold my crooked hands through the throws of writing and I'm better for it."

J. Austin Gentry - Author of Churn 

“I’ve been using Kaye Booth as my editor for many years. Her editing is detailed and professional. I highly recommend her work to any one that’s wants exceptional work.”

Elder Charles Johnson – The Homeless Poet